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Birthday 19/02/2010

Posted by Nick Erleigh in Personal.

Tomorrow is my 50th birthday and that got me thinking. Do I really want to celebrate turning 50 and officially joining the older generation?  I mean tomorrow I officially become an old fart. Maybe I should just let the day go by like any other day. But that does not feel right and then it struck me. Tomorrow is not about growing older. So many wonderful things have happened in my life. To name but a few:

  • Meeting and marrying my wife Debbie. My life would be empty without her. She is my rock, my soul mate and put simply I love her with all my heart. She is my partner in this journey.
  • My two children Mandy and Daniel. The joy of experiencing them growing up cannot be expressed in words. They are my legacy.
  • My grandson Morgan who was born a month ago. He is the future.
  • My brothers and sisters. They have made life colourful and have helped me along this journey of life
  • My mother and father. They set the foundation from where everything happened.
  • The time I spent in the Navy and the camaraderie of the people in the Strike Craft Flotilla. This is where my work ethic has come from.
  • The time I have spent at Waymark and the various colleagues and clients I have come across. I have some time spent more time with you than my family.

Tomorrow is about celebrating and remembering all the wonderful things and people. It all about my journey of life. Here are some quotes that I like about the journey of life. To me they sum it up:

  • Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome – Arthur Ashe
  • A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles – Tim Cahill
  • Time is a companion that goes with us on a journey. It reminds us to cherish each moment, because it will never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we have lived. – Jean Luc Picard

Tomorrow I will celebrate my journey of life thus far and drink a toast to all the people who have created the memories on which it is founded.



1. Debbie - 19/02/2010

I am the fortunate one having you as my better half, my rock, my friend, my advisor, my best friend and my lover!! I cant even begin to imagine walking this path without you!!

I love you my OLD fart. At least you are MY old fart – and I would not change you for any other old or young fart EVER!!

2. Claudie - 21/02/2010

Hey, steady on – if You are an old fart – what does that make me at nearly 15 years your senior? I feel I am just hitting my stride, you’re just a kid. Please god a long way to go

And getting older sure beats the alternative!

Bu the way, don’t hold in the farts – they travel to your brain and give you dirty thoughts (or some wise thought like that just passed through my computer.)

Actually I am in a good position to say “Congratulations and Well done, Nick” on all you have achieved in the past 50 years. Only your brothers and sisters know that along with the many great privileges and advantages we had – we also faced great challenges – and we can be proud of coming out the good people we are. As I get older (a little bit) I also get a bit less judgmental and more forgiving of those challenges.

Of course a big thank you goes to Debbie from me.

Know how lucky you both are. Cherish your love.

Enjoy, grow, flourish, be healthy and happy. Love, Claudie

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